The Revitalizing Doctor

Dr. Cheryl Martin & Dr. Dan Dworkis: Radical Recovery, You Are Worth It

July 14, 2022 Season 1 Episode 9
The Revitalizing Doctor
Dr. Cheryl Martin & Dr. Dan Dworkis: Radical Recovery, You Are Worth It
The Revitalizing Doctor
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Show Notes

This is a very unique episode that is part of 3 part series on recovery from clinical work in medicine. Part 1 is on micro-recovery and is on The Emergency Mind podcast hosted by Dr. Dan Dworkis. In this initial discussion,  Dan, Cheryl, and Andrea explore the what, how, and why behind micro recoveries during clinical work. For instance, how do you know when to take a micro recovery or break? Does it have to involve leaving the floor, or could taking a few deep breaths at your computer be effective?

In part 2, we hop over to Dr. Cheryl Martin's podcast, The Mindful Medic. We discuss meso-recovery, which we define as recoveries that occur after clinical work. This spans in the hours post-shift, and may extend into the few days before another shift.

In part 3, in this week's episode of The Revitalizing Doctor, we explore when to take a longer break, to recover. This spans from vacations to sabbaticals, and we also cover cutting back on clinical work, but not leaving all together.   

For full bios of Dr. Dworkis and Dr. Martin, see below! Be sure to check out their pods as well!

Dan Dworkis, MD PhD FACEP is the Chief Medical Officer at the Mission Critical Team Institute, a board-certified emergency physician, and an assistant professor of emergency medicine at the Keck School of Medicine of USC where he works at LAC+USC. He performed his emergency medicine residency with Harvard Medical School at the Harvard Affiliated Emergency Medicine Residency at Massachusetts General Hospital / Brigham Health, and holds an MD and PhD in molecular medicine from the Boston University School of Medicine. Dr. Dworkis is the founder of The Emergency Mind Project, and the author of The Emergency Mind: Wiring Your Brain for Performance Under Pressure.

Dr. Cheryl Martin is the host of The Mindful Medic Podcast.
MBChB BSc Med Sci (Sports Medicine) FACEM

Dr Cheryl Martin is an Emergency Physician. She has spent nearly two decades working in a variety of emergency, trauma and critical care settings in both Scotland and Australia. Her other main professional interests are in sports, exercise and lifestyle medicine and the health and wellbeing of her colleagues

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