The Revitalizing Doctor

Part 1: On Allyship & Wellbeing in Medicine with Dr. Mehrdad Soleimani

November 29, 2022 Episode 23
The Revitalizing Doctor
Part 1: On Allyship & Wellbeing in Medicine with Dr. Mehrdad Soleimani
The Revitalizing Doctor
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Show Notes

Dr. Mehrdad Soleimani is the assistant medical director of the Temecula Valley Hospital Emergency Department. Podcast host, Dr. Andea Austin works with Dr. Soleimani and selected him as the first of many guests to be featured as allies to women in medicine. Dr. Austin selected him due to his welcoming and empowering style, which she appreciated as a new physician at their site.

Dr. Soleimani is a well-being champion. He shares his interesting life journey immigrating to the United States from Iran in his teens. He then became a nurse, and later an emergency medicine physician after a few years of general surgery residency. We discuss how all of these experiences influence our stories and the power of human connection.

Dr. Soleimani and Dr. Austin discuss the importance of emotional regulation and processing emotional traumas that occur in medicine. If you'd like more info on resources on trauma processing, check out Andrea's blog post on a safe container for trauma and also season 2, episode 1 of this podcast.

Dr. Soleimani is also the co-owner of Neo Med Spa (IG @neomedaesthetics) in Temecula. 

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