The Revitalizing Doctor

Beyond Band Aids, Getting to the Root: Part 2 with Drs. Paasch & Barrett

December 20, 2022 Episode 26
The Revitalizing Doctor
Beyond Band Aids, Getting to the Root: Part 2 with Drs. Paasch & Barrett
The Revitalizing Doctor
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Show Notes

In this episode, host Dr. Andrea Austin interviews the co-founders of Mana Wellness, Dr. Maria Paasch and Dr. Anna Barrett. They have been caring for the health of women for a combined 30-plus years. In this episode, we dig into what is Functional Medicine and why it is part of the transformation in healthcare.

After a decade or so into their careers, Drs. Paasch and Barrett found Functional Medicine. They understood instantly that it was not only the solution to this problem but that it was the medicine of tomorrow. Through their own journey with Functional Medicine, they have been able to identify and address underlying issues on the biochemical level that were the cause of symptoms that they assumed were just a “normal” part of motherhood and aging, symptoms that they just assumed they simply had to live with. Functional Medicine has shown them that feeling truly well and vital is possible at any age and with almost any health issue. They are learning on a deeper level, just how amazing the human body is and the innate power it has to function and heal. They founded Mana Wellness Medicine to help reconnect women to the innate power and wisdom that they already possess. The fulfillment of helping other women realize, through Functional Medicine principles and practice, that they have within them the ability to heal and achieve optimal wellness is truly comparable to sharing with them the life-changing experience of pregnancy and childbirth.

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