The Revitalizing Doctor

Leaning Into Leadership: Dr. Linda Lawrence

January 10, 2023 Episode 27
The Revitalizing Doctor
Leaning Into Leadership: Dr. Linda Lawrence
The Revitalizing Doctor
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Show Notes

In this episode, Andrea interviews Revitalize Women Physician Circle co-founder Dr. Linda Lawrence on her career in leadership. We discuss the unique challenges in healthcare now and why women physicians are an important part of leading the transformation in healthcare to be equitable, safe, and promote sustainable careers.

Linda and Andrea discuss the upcoming Women Leadership Mastermind offered by Revitalize. They discuss how leadership courses are about knowledge transfer, and a mastermind program is an adaptive group that assists with knowledge application. The mastermind program also allows for support and accountability, which many courses and retreats don't offer.

Dr. Linda Lawrence is an Executive Healthcare Coach with a distinguished career as a Physician Executive in multiple senior healthcare leadership roles within the military, academia, nonprofit boards, and start-up companies. She is a servant leader who always puts her people first. Having experienced multiple leader transitions, she knows the value of teamwork.

She is a visionary, transformational leader with a high tolerance for ambiguity; Linda is a creative disruptor who collaborates to instill successful change management leadership that drives value-based high levels of staff engagement. Skilled in strategic planning and organizational transformation, Linda guides leaders to build cultures of trust and resilience that empowers and energizes staff.

She is a change catalyst with a proven track record for fostering high reliability and safety by coaching leaders to develop learning organizations committed to continuous improvement resulting in better care, higher professional satisfaction, and lower costs.

Linda is an expert in gender bias; a national speaker; a recognized trailblazer for innovative programs fostering gender equity and inclusivity in the workplace; network builder for women. Proven track record helping organizations and individuals break through bias barriers.

Certified Career Coach who helps physicians come to the table, be a voice for patients and the delivery of high-quality safe care. Enhance emotional intelligence and leadership skills and overcome impostor syndrome to take their career to the next level. Specializes in helping military physicians effortlessly t

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