The Revitalizing Doctor

Revitalizing Medicine through Authenticity, Respect & Work-Life Harmony

March 14, 2023 Andrea Austin, MD Episode 34
The Revitalizing Doctor
Revitalizing Medicine through Authenticity, Respect & Work-Life Harmony
The Revitalizing Doctor
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Show Notes

In this podcast episode, Dr. Austin, Dr. Lawrence, and Dr. River explore the concepts of working towards achieving work-life harmony in medicine while confronting the persistent bias, discrimination, and harassment that women physicians face - leading to an inspiring call for them to become the needed change makers.

"You have agency, you always have choices in what you do, even if it doesn't feel like it - and how can we help you, how can we support you to take the next best step?" -Dr. Austin

Dr. Lawrence and Dr. Austin are co-founders of Revitalize, a platform dedicated to empowering women physicians to innovate and influence medicine to value authenticity, respect, and work-life harmony.

Dr. Austin, and Dr. Lawrence, two emergency physicians, experienced firsthand the issues of gender bias, discrimination, and harassment in the workplace. They decided to take matters into their own hands and create Revitalize, a mission to help women physicians regain their agency and become change-makers. The mission of Revitalize  is to connect women physicians and allies through innovative, value-based coaching methods that align trust, support, accountability, and skill development to ignite the courage and clarity necessary to take bold actions, create change and thrive

In this episode, you will learn the following:
1. How is Revitalize helping women physicians gain agency and lead change?
2. How can accountability help women physicians improve their lives?
3. What skills do women physicians need to develop in order to be successful?

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