The Revitalizing Doctor

Dr. Christina Shenvi: Unlocking Career Fulfillment with Coaching & Diversification

April 11, 2023 Andrea Austin, MD Episode 37
The Revitalizing Doctor
Dr. Christina Shenvi: Unlocking Career Fulfillment with Coaching & Diversification
The Revitalizing Doctor
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Show Notes

When Dr. Christina Shenvi became a doctor, she had no idea that coaching would be the key to unlocking her full potential. She has inspired countless others to do the same and reach their goals through coaching. What began as a passion for science and helping patients has become a journey of personal discovery, renewal, and success.

Dr. Christina Shenvi is a renowned emergency physician, educator, and leader. She holds an impressive list of degrees, including a bachelor's from Princeton University, a PhD from UC Berkeley, an MD from Yale University, and an executive MBA from UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School. Dr. Shenvi brings her passion for helping others and her commitment to empowering women in medicine. In addition to her impressive academic background, she has a wealth of experience as a keynote speaker and is currently completing her coaching certification. Join Dr. Andrea Austin as she chats with Dr. Shenvi about finding career fulfillment through coaching and career diversification.

In this episode, you will be able to:
1. Tackle burnout by embracing coaching techniques and personal growth methods.
2. Make a difference in healthcare by engaging physicians.
3. Achieve fair compensation and value alignment at work.
 4. Enhance healthcare services by incorporating design thinking concepts.
5. Find harmony between clinical duties, teaching responsibilities, and pursuing mid-career aspirations.

Check out Dr. Christina Shenvi's website for the best time management tips and more! She is also available for coaching. You can also follow her on Twitter (@clshenvi) and LinkedIn.

As a special treat for our Revitalize Community, Dr. Shenvi created a discount code: REVDOC for 20% off coaching and off her online self-paced video course on time management (8 hours of content) available at and Andrea has taken her course, and highly endorses it!

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