The Revitalizing Doctor

From Pediatrician to Informatics Leader: Dr. Nele Jessel's Journey

May 23, 2023 Andrea Austin, MD Episode 43
The Revitalizing Doctor
From Pediatrician to Informatics Leader: Dr. Nele Jessel's Journey
The Revitalizing Doctor
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Show Notes

From pediatrician to Chief Medical Officer of Athenahealth, Dr. Nele Jessel is on a mission to leverage technology to restore the human touch to healthcare and alleviate the administrative burden for doctors. She shares her approach to transforming EMRs from physician foe to friend.

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Discover the remarkable potential of AI in easing physicians' documentation workload.
  • Learn how virtual care is shaping a better work-life balance for medical professionals.
  • Uncover Athenahealth's essential role in supporting physician-driven startups.
  • Recognize the crucial impact of mid-career physicians on healthcare innovation.
  • Determine the importance of promoting responsible AI development within the healthcare sector.

My special guest is Dr. Nele Jessel

Meet Dr. Nele Jessel, a pediatrician who has made a career out of advancing healthcare through technology. Her expertise in implementing electronic health records, combined with her insights into the daily challenges physicians face, has led her to become a Chief Medical Officer at Athenahealth. Dr. Jessel's focus on the intersection of medicine and technology drives her to explore the potential of tech in improving doctoring, building more efficient healthcare systems, and enhancing patient care. Get ready to be inspired by her unique perspective on the future of healthcare.

Dr. Jessel recommends the book Deep Medicine by Eric Topol to better understand how AI will influence medicine.

The key moments in this episode are:
00:00:00 - Introduction,

00:03:15 - Road to Informatics,

00:07:10 - EMRs and AI,

00:13:48 - Female Leadership in Healthcare Technology,

00:17:40 - Work-Life Balance,

00:15:53 - The Role of AI in Physician Documentation,

00:17:22 - Leveraging Generative AI for Triage Nurses,

00:19:36 - Legacy EHR Challenges,

00:22:04 - The Role of Clinical Informatics,

00:28:43 - The Value of Clinical Informatics,

00:31:41 - Importance of Keeping Mid-Career Physicians in Medicine,

00:35:26 - Athena Health's Services for Start-up Companies and Virtual Practices,

00:39:10 - Optimism Around Advancements in Medicine and AI,

00:40:06 - Call to Action for Physicians to Get Involved in AI,

00:42:00 - Invitation to Connect with Dr. Jessel

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