The Revitalizing Doctor

Creating Change in Healthcare: Join the Revitalize Women Physician Circle Revolution with Dr. Linda Lawrence

August 15, 2023 Episode 51
The Revitalizing Doctor
Creating Change in Healthcare: Join the Revitalize Women Physician Circle Revolution with Dr. Linda Lawrence
The Revitalizing Doctor
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Show Notes

Have you heard these common myths? Myth #1: Women physicians must choose between a successful career and work-life harmony. Myth #2: There are limited career options for women physicians beyond clinical practice. Myth #3: Women physicians have to navigate their professional journey alone. In this episode, Dr. Linda Lawrence will debunk these myths and share the truth, providing women physicians with a supportive community and actionable steps to diversify their careers.

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Unmask the underrated significance of networking for women physicians.
  • Decode the distinctive attributes of the Revitalize Women Physician Circle.
  • Absorb insights into the formation of a supportive and empowering circle of women in medicine.
  • View the scope of healthcare careers from a lens that goes beyond clinical practice.
  • Understand the need to confront and challenge gender biases in healthcare.

My special guest is Dr. Linda Lawrence

Dr. Linda Lawrence has crafted an admirable career as an emergency physician that spans over two decades, 24 of which were spent in the military. As a physician leader, she developed innovative programming to support women physicians in the military, efforts that have greatly influenced the advancement and personal growth of countless medical professionals. Her expertise extends to academia, where she held the post of Associate Dean of Clinical Affairs at a civilian medical school, along with advisory roles for healthcare startups. As the CEO of Revitalize Women Physician Circle, she's channeled her experience into creating a thriving community that upholds authenticity, respect, and work-life harmony.

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