The Revitalizing Doctor

Unlocking Healing Potential: Dr. Nikki Tugnet on the Power of Yoga in Medicine

October 03, 2023 Andrea Austin, MD Episode 60
The Revitalizing Doctor
Unlocking Healing Potential: Dr. Nikki Tugnet on the Power of Yoga in Medicine
The Revitalizing Doctor
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Show Notes

Does this sound familiar? You've been told that the key to enhancing patient well-being is through traditional medical procedures alone. Yet, despite following this advice, you're still seeing patients struggling with their health and feeling frustrated. The pain of witnessing their suffering and not being able to provide the desired results can be overwhelming. But what if there's a missing piece to the puzzle? What if integrating yoga into your medical practice could unlock a new level of holistic healing and transform patient outcomes?

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Delve into the fitting integration of yoga within the medical practice sphere.
  • Comprehend the undeniable vitality of incorporating a holistic perspective in healthcare.
  • Examine the specific health benefits yoga offers for autoimmune conditions and arthritis sufferers.
  • Learn the compelling strategies that can enable patients to enhance their wellness.
  • Acknowledge the significant role self-care plays in the overall performance of health professionals.

My special guest is Dr. Nikki Tugnet

Meet Dr. Nikki Tugnet, a UK-trained rheumatologist based in Auckland, New Zealand and a yoga instructor. Nikki integrates her medical expertise with yoga, aiming to help her patients gain more control over their health, especially those living with arthritis and autoimmune conditions. Passionate about whole person healthcare, her approach redefines the barriers between conventional medicine and yoga. Nikki's belief in the transformative power of movement and mindfulness fuels her work both in the clinic as well as in her yoga classes.

Connect with Dr. Nikki Tugnet:
On Instagram: @yogadoctornikki

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